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Almajdouie Group named Best Logistics Service Provider at MELA

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Almajdouie Group  , one of the leading  logistics companies in the Middle East, won the award for the Best Logistics  Service Provider at th

Syed Mustafa receives award on behalf of Almajdouie Group at the MELA Awards

Almajdouie Group , one of the leading logistics companies in the Middle East, won the award for the Best Logistics  Service Provider at the 3rd Annual Middle East Logistics Awards (MELA) 2009.

Out of the seven nominees, Almajdouie Group garnered the most number of votes in the Best Logistics Service Provider category after the rigorous auditing of leading audit firm Horwath MAK.

Syed Mustafa, vice president of Almajdouie Group, pointed out that winning the MELA Award honors further underlined Almajdouie’s well-established presence and penetration in the international logistics industry.

“And this is a fitting tribute to the dedicated teams at Almajdouie who put in tremendous effort every day, to ensure we provide unparalleled and innovative solutions that meet our customers’ needs,” said Mustafa.

MELA officially honors companies and individuals for excellence in the Middle East logistics industry.

Almajdouie PSC Heavylift move of Evaporators for Marafiq Project

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Saudi Arabia GPLN member Almajdouie Heavy Lift Transport and Engineering secured a mega contract for transportation of super heavy and oversize evaporators module from Bilfal Heavy Industry (Ex-Works Yard) to Marafiq IWPP Project Site Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

The Marafiq Desalination plant will be one of the largest water desalination processing plants in the world.  The execution of Project is ongoing where Almajdouie Heavy Lift (ALMADOUIE HEAVYLIFT) and Almajdouie PSC Heavylift (MPSC) are jointly utilizing their expertise in moving such heaviest units by Self Propelled Module Trailers (SPMT’s) trailers.

“In total we handled 18 units and out of these 9 units were locally manufactured by Bilfal of Saudi Arabia and remaining unit were manufactured in Korea and UAE,” said Izaz Ahmed Watangi, Vice President Logistics of Almadouie, “It is worth to mention that we were also engaged in loadout of some units in the United Arab Emirates as well.”

Huge evaporators are very important for the project. Each evaporator is of 1810 tons in weight, 65 meters length, 22 meters width & 13 meters height.

We used 84 axles of latest generation Self Propelled Modular Trailers (SPMT). The General Manager Mr. Mark Brereton Stuart set this in a 42 axle side by side configuration.  This type of equipment was the only way to handle such large and heavy loads, along a combination of public and private roads.

P1010086Almadouie PSC has a team of specially trained operators for SPMT operation, supported by a highly experienced operations team headed by Ely Coyoca, International Operations Manager, who is in the field for the last 25 years who have been involved in some of the largest moves in the region and the wider World. This team worked seamlessly with the Almadouie PSC team in Dammam to jointly provide all the services and expertise to carry out the transportations, particularly for the Bilfal units.

The major obstacle for the Bilfal units, was that the initial conclusion was that they could not be moved by road. Almadouie PSC was called in by Bilfal to verify on the situation as the responsible wanted to make sure the massive loads reach in time safely. Almadouie PSC carry eminent know-how in such movements and ultimately concluded saying that “it is a highly complex move but it is possible”.  Since the project were in the eastern region Almadouie PSC engineering unit extended their support by conducting thorough studies and by preparing and analyzing stuff right from bidding stage till the final approval of relevant technical documents. In many areas route modifications were needed, including residential areas from the approach roads to the site. Required route modifications were:

–          Hard trimming of more than 400 trees in a residential area that had to be maintained throughout the project duration
–          Removal and replacement of 108 light posts, and there replacement within strict time windows dictated by the security police.
–          Crossing of TS-1 major highway, twice. The second crossing was at a very rarely used crossing place. We had to survey and simulate this crossing meter by meter in order to verify that the SPMT’s could pass safely across.
–          Removal and replacement within the same day of three sets of signal lights for each move.
–          Propping of three bridges for the duration of the project.

Each move involved several agencies. The Royal Commission had a vital role in firstly studying and working with us to find the solutions to move by road, this involved very special permissions to carry to the work in the above list, and in general to encroach in residential areas with a cargo of this size. It was essential to obtained written permission from Saudi Electric Company, Saudi Telecom Co. and Marafiq existing underground facilities. At the same time the support of local Police and security greatly lend a hand in regards of the safe crossing of the cargo through the very busy TS-1 highway, and in general providing safety and security where needed. We also used several subcontractors for work to prepare the route and handle the street fixtures stated above.

Operation team along with Mr. Ely and Mr. Asif Batt said on average each delivery would take two days to travel the 9 km to site, which is exactly as planned. However, after several moves arrival at the site was also completed in one day, which is a testament to the organization of all the relevant agencies, the quality of the equipment, and the skill of the operators.


MPSC is now at the forefront of the movement of super heavy loads throughout the region. We have been involved in moves of up to 5,000 tons and moved more than 30 items over 1,000 tons in the past two years, in countries all over the Middle East, but particularly KSA and UAE. We have also carried out the Tower lift of several vessels up to 1,100 tons during the same period. We are now one of the leaders in the Middle East in our industry, and we have expanded our equipment fleet and profile in the region, leading to the award of key projects that will allow the companies further growth in the coming years.


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